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I'm Kylee! A Registered Dietitian with a cookbook, Simply Fresh. I'll be sharing lots of plant-based vegan recipes, nutrition information, and kids health tips.

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May 13, 2020

Whether you say it with an Italian accent or butcher it with an American accent, it's not important. What's important is that this gets in your belly! 


1 loaf of french bread or baguette 

4-6 tomatoes, diced

2 tablespoons pesto sauce    Click here for my vega...

November 22, 2019

The average person consumes a whooping 6,000 calories for Christmas dinner. That is almost the equivalent of 2 pounds, and that is just for the dinner. Here are a couple of great recipes to try out this Christmas, that will be much easier on your waist line. They still...

November 4, 2019

Mashed potatoes are a staple to any holiday meal, so it's important to make sure we are serving the best potatoes. This recipe will help give you tips on how to make some of the fluffiest mashed potatoes you have ever had. Come on we have all had those potatoes that we...

November 4, 2019

This is a classic recipe that we usually see at our holiday dinners. But what about us vegans? I for one have always loved green bean casserole, and I finally came to the point where I was wanting to have it at holiday dinners, where I could enjoy it as well. This reci...

July 19, 2019

Here is my first video I put together to demonstrate how to make pesto sauce. Give the recipe a try and let me know how you enjoy it!

Pesto Sauce Recipe

2 cups basil, packed

1/4 cup pine nuts (or walnuts)

2 Tbsp nutritional yeast flakes

1 Tbsp lemon juice

2 cloves of garlic


July 11, 2019

Oh my YUM! You will not regret making this recipe. This is the perfect recipe for summertime BBQs. Even non vegans/vegetarians will enjoy it. Trust me. I made this for my husband, who's not vegan YET, and he absolutely loved it. 

You'll need the recipe for basic gl...

May 17, 2019

Okay, we all know we need to be eating more salads and veggies, well here is a great way to add more flavor and protein to your salad. It’s tofu of course! Tofu? Yeah, tofu. I know, I know, tofu has a weird texture and doesn’t taste like anything. Well, that’s because...

April 27, 2019

One of the hardest foods that I gave up when I became vegan, was cheese. Especially nacho cheese. For most people I think one of the last things to go is cheese. It's just so good. But still pretty gross when you think about it. 

When I was in elementary schoo...

April 12, 2019

Are you on a budget? I am. Each month my husband and I look at our monthly budget, before the month starts, to make sure we have everything that we need for that month. Rent, car insurance, phone bill, etc. Of course one of the areas is groceries. In my marriage I tend...

April 10, 2019

Ain't nobody got time for that! Pulling out multiple pots and pans and spoons, and then having to wash all of them. That's why this recipe is a one-pot recipe! Wahoo. 

It's a healthy way to have lunch or dinner and not skip out on the flavor. 


1/2 onion, diced


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