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Vegan Nacho Cheese (Super Creamy)

One of the hardest foods that I gave up when I became vegan, was cheese. Especially nacho cheese. For most people I think one of the last things to go is cheese. It's just so good. But still pretty gross when you think about it.

When I was in elementary school my mom was teaching us to pack our own lunches for school, because she wanted us to learn, and I'm sure she was tired of packing them for us. I remember quite a few times I would pack tortilla chips and a can of cheese. That's it. Chips and cheese for lunch. That does not seem like a well balanced meal, at all. I think sometimes my mom would forget to check our lunches to make sure we were packing healthy foods, instead of junk food.

Even though now I am an adult and a Registered Dietitian, I still like to indulge in chips and cheese sometimes. You know, for nostalgia's sake of course. Alright, and because it's just down right delicious.

Now, I do not feel as bad eating chips and cheese because I know that the "cheese", that I make, is actually healthy. This recipe does not have any oil, and is a good source of protein and fiber. So, win, win!