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Super Moist Chocolate Cake

There's not much better than cake, and this chocolate cake takes...the cake. Okay, too much? Seriously, it is such a moist and creamy cake bursting with chocolate sweetness.

When I was younger my Nanny (grandma, but not biologically my grandma, but more like a best friend) used to make this chocolate cake (only the non-vegan version). She would make it for her kids, grandkids, my family, or just herself, and everyone LOVED IT! I have made this vegan version of her cake for her grandkids, and they couldn't even tell it was vegan. Win!

This is a very special cake. Every time I take a bite I'm reminded of all the times I would sit in her living room just talking or watching Nancy Grace on CNN. She was my favorite. She was the type of grandma that one wants to have. She was full of wisdom but so funny. She wasn't afraid to show her true colors. Sometimes when we would drive up to her house she would flash us. Lol. She had this ping pong paddle that she had turned into a sign that would flip different words or phrases, and she would use it while driving to let other drivers to let them know what she was thinking. "Move over." "Hello." "Get off the road." "Have a nice day." "$%&@ you."

So one day she saw my mom driving her way so she stuck her sign out the window to say "hello" only the wind blew it and it ended up with the "$%&@ you" sign, but she didn't realize it. So she just drove by waving with a smile. That was Nanny. Full of life and laughter.

Life is short, so eat the cake and share it with your loved ones.

Chocolate Cake Recipe: