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Going to 3 Angels Broadcasting Network

This was my first time to appear on television that appeared ALL around the world.

This was three years in the making to get me onto 3 Angels Broadcasting Networkof course COVID hit and changed it all.

Click the link below to view the tv segment:


Three years ago I reached out to 3ABN via email, asking about the possibility of coming on their cooking show. After sending in everything they has asked me to, I go the email inviting me to come shoot two episodes of their cooking program. I was so excited, and even started crying when I was reading the email.

Since I was young I had heard of and seen programs on this network, which is why it was so serial to me that I would be on it as well.

Canceling My Trip

We had my dates set up to go out to Illinois and record two-one hour cooking segments. Those dates were set for late March 2020. Of course we all know what happened in mid March and the shutdown. So of course my flight was canceled and so was my session at 3ABN, sadly enough.

After a few months we tried to reschedule, but it turned out I was pregnant with my third child, so it wasn't the best time for me to go out there. We were going to try for November 2021, but my baby girl was still under 1 year old and constantly breastfeeding. To be honest, I was also wanting to put it off so I could try to lose more baby weight, which didn't happen as I was wanting. But when you're breastfeeding it's hard to lose the weight, at least it is for me.

Finally, we scheduled it for the beginning of May 2022. I had made up my mind that I was not going to come up with any more excuses, and just go. So that's what I did.

This was the first time in almost 5 years that I had been away by myself. I had never left my babies overnight, except to go to the hospital and birth another one. So it was very difficult for me to leave for 5 days and go out to Illinois and record this program, since I would be flying out there alone. Tickets were too expensive to try and take the whole family.