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Kylee and her family

About Me

Where I began
Oregon is where I was born and raised, but once I hit college age I was all over the place trying to find my passion. Since 2010, that passion has been in health & wellness, and sharing nutrition with those in my community. I began by giving vegan cooking classes at a Whole Foods Market in California. I had absolutely no business asking if I could teach a cooking class, but for some reason I was inspired to start teaching classes. Those vegan cooking classes were the highest attended classes, and they were always overbooked. People were willing to stand in the back of the room, for the full two hours, just to be a part of the class. The cooking class consisted of 1 hour of cooking demonstrations, followed by an hour of a nutrition lecture. I found myself spending hours in the library each week preparing for those classes. This is where my passion began.

I got my Bachelor's degree in Dietetics at Andrew's University in Michigan.  

Where my journey has taken me
Cooking classes, nutrition lectures, selling health books door-to-door, studying health with people, going into people’s homes and teaching them how to cook, making recipes, writing blogs, and making cooking videos on Youtube. I have worked in a high risk skilled nursing, lifestyle center, WIC, as a corporate dietitian, diabetes education, and personal consultant. facility It is a passion that has taken me all over the states and world: California, Kansas, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Tennessee, Michigan, Canada, Brazil, Zambia, and London. 

Most recently I authored a plant-based/vegan cookbook called, Simply Fresh. It is something I am very proud of, and you can check-it out and purchase it in the "SHOP" section of my website. 

My plans
My desire is to continue to work individually with people who are wanting to improve their health and lifestyle. 

Being able to share the information I have come upon, encourages me want to continue to learn and share more. Which is why I want to continue giving cooking classes and nutrition lectures in as many churches and communities that are interested. 

Currently, I'm working on writing my 2nd cookbook. It's a big undertaking with 3 little kids, but I'm up for the challenge.

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