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Simply Fresh eBook

Simply Fresh eBook

This is a digital download of the book Simply Fresh. It is not a physical book. 


Product Description

  • Simply Fresh is a plant based cookbook that contains health information and over 75 recipes.
  • It makes being healthy easy and simple.
  • Each recipe contains a photo and nutrient analysis including calories, carbohydrates, fiber, fat, cholesterol, sugar and protein.
  • Kylee is a Registered Dietitian and included 12 pages of health information; including breakfast, weight loss, longevity, water, lowering blood sugar, reducing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, lowering triglycerides, creating a healthy kitchen, exercise, healthy fats, the truth about carbohydrates, and faith and health.
  • There are simple tips and tricks that she recommends for each of these. She has been giving these tips to people for years and has seen how they have truly improved their health.
  • There are sections for breakfast, sides, salads, soups, entrees, dessert, basics, and drinks and juicing. T
  • here are icons for each recipe showing what the recipe helps to improve. The icons are used to help identify which recipes help with various aspects of your health.
  • Also, in the back of the book, you can find a special index that directs you to all the recipes that pertain to that benefit. (Health benefits: reduces inflammation, good for digestion, heart healthy, good for kidneys, nervous system, lowers cholesterol, good for the arteries, good for the skin, immunity boost, and cancer fighting).
  • Each recipe is labeled if it is gluten free, nut free, soy free, and/or diabetic friendly.
  • If you’re looking for substitutions for plant-based eating, it has that as well.
  • It also includes a food diary and menu plan.

                                       So purchase yours today!

  • Additional information

    This ebook comes in a digital download that is in a pdf format. You will have the link emailed to you immediately after your purchase, and will have 30 days to use the link and download it onto your phone or computer. 

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