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What I Eat As A Vegan (5 days)

So here it is, next week I'll be posting videos during the weekday, showing you what it looks like to eat vegan. I'll be showing you what it looks like to eat vegan for 5 days. Hopefully this will give you more meal ideas, or just to realize that I eat pretty simple. You'll realize why I like quick and simple recipes. I hope you all subscribe to my youtube channel so you can see when the videos come out!

Let me set something straight about the videos. Portion sizes may vary. I wasn't think ahead to show the quantity of the food I was eating, instead I was just wanting you to see the foods I was eating. So keep that in mind as you watch the videos.

Explaining the 5 days:

DAY 1:

So it begins. I'll be showing 5 days of how I typically eat being a vegan. I like simple and quick meals, because I always seem to be on the road. I hope during this week you get some ideas on how you can incorporate some of these recipes or foods into your weekly schedule. I'm not asking everyone to be vegan, but what would it hurt to give up meat, and possible dairy, for one day during the week.

Day 2:

Most of these recipes should look familiar if you've seen my other blogs or videos. It's not to do it on purpose, but I have made these recipes for blogs and videos because they are the typical foods that I eat. Simple, quick and delicious is my motto. You should be able to see that after this week of videos. So I hope you enjoy!

Day 3:

I've been getting comments from people about the amount, or lack there of, of food on the videos. My point in these videos wasn't to show how much food to eat, but rather give ideas on basic vegan eating on a daily basis. Portion sizes will vary depending on the person, so it would be impossible for me to point out how much of each to eat. (Unless we have a one-on-one consultation). :)

Day 4:

Being vegan doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming, and these videos help to prove that. My week schedule is as busy as anyones. I leave around 7am and don't get home until 5:30pm. That doesn't give me much time to spend cooking or preparing food. It's still important to make time for good food. Typically I will make dinner and then pack some for lunch the next day. This helps to save time. Also in the evening I will think about what I can make for breakfast. I'll make it the night before, if possible, or at least know by morning what I can grab.

Day 5:

My goal is for you to realize you don't need a lot of time to prepare foods to be vegan. Some foods may take longer to make, but it's all worth it in the end. Enjoy it!

This is the last day of showing you what I eat during the week. I hope it's been helpful in some way to you. My main point was for you to see that being vegan does not have to be complicated or time consuming. I'm busy just like you, so I need quick health meals.

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