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Eat More Weigh Less

Here is a presentation I have put together on weight loss. It is important that we remember that a "fad diet" is just that, a fad. They come and go. That's what happens when we follow them, they come and go. The pounds typically go and come back as well.

What is most important is that we find lifestyle changes that we can implement into our daily lives, ones that we will stick to. The result may take longer to see, but they will be lasting.

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Why are constipated people so rude? Because they don't give a crap!

This presentation is not to make you eat only these foods, but to show you that it is important to be eating wide variety of high-fiber foods. Other foods that are lacking in fiber are the foods we should eat sparingly. So keep this in mind as something that you can add to your daily life. Think of ways to add extra fiber to your diet!

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