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Protein for Vegans

Updated: Jan 18

So often I'm confronted about the need of protein on a vegan/vegetarian diet, and I hear about how difficult it is to find it in plant based foods. I decided I would make a video of some of the plant based foods that contain protein. So please stop thinking that vegans do not get enough protein in our diet, because we do.

Protein is one of the macronutrients, which means it's in most foods. Protein, carbohydrates, and fat are what make up the majority our foods. Take one away, and you'll have problems. Increase one too much, and you'll have problems.

How often do we hear about people who are sick due to low protein? If so, it's usually because they are not consuming enough calories, and therefore lacking in protein and other nutrients. We typically hear the opposite, people who are sick because of too much protein in the diet. Protein is the new craze, and if you're not using protein powder then there must be something wrong with you. Don't get me started! The protein powder is a billion dollar industry!

Too much protein can cause kidney issues, liver problems, damage to the lining of the arteries (which leads to plaque build up), and can cause other health issues as well. Please watch the video, and realize how much protein we needs, what plant foods contain protein, and also then you might quit asking me how I can get enough protein on a vegan diet. :)

So don't ask me about my protein, and I won't ask you about your cholesterol.

Do you worry if you're getting enough protein?

  • Sometimes, yes.

  • I know I get enough.

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