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Running 100 Miles

What is your goal in running? Or if you don't have any, why not? For me, I have always enjoyed running. It's was about 12 years ago that I started running. When I started I could barely run 1 mile, but I kept pushing myself until I could reach 1 mile without too much trouble. I realize 1 mile may not seem like much, but when you're starting out, it's an accomplishment when you hit it. Eventually I made it up to running around 2 miles each time, a few times per week.

It wasn't until my cousin came to visit that I started running farther. He invited me to run with him, but it was a 4 mile run. No way! I couldn't run that far, I would probably collapse on the side of the road. But he convinced me, and off we went. He ran slower than I was used to, but he told me this is how we would be able to run the 4 miles. You know what, he was right. It made it so much easier to run the 4 miles at a slower pace.

Now I run around 4-6 miles three to five times a week. I am still somewhat slow, but I get it done and that's what matters. That's exactly what matters for you, it's not how you start or how fast you can go, but if you accomplish your goals. If you don't have goals, make them. Each month I set a goal of how many miles I want to run, then I break it down into how many I have to run for the week.

Here's a pic of how I keep track of how many miles I run each month, that way I can make sure I will meet my weekly and monthly goals.

It wasn't until this past January that I really started running hard. For me running is a way to deal with stress and hard times. When something bad happens all I want to do is run. So this January I just started running as though I was Forest Gump. I didn't really have goals, I literally just felt like running. Once I realized how much I was running, I decided to set of a goal of running 100 miles for the month. Surprisingly, I made that goal. Now I continue to set goals because I know I can hit them.

So think about what you're wanting to accomplish and set your goals and start today. It may not be goals for running, but whatever it is do it. You can meet those goals, and you'll feel so good doing it.

This is when I first ran 100 miles in a month. There's no excuses. I was working a full time job and studying when I started running 100 miles for the month.

Now get up and go!

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