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Professional House Cleaners

Updated: May 21, 2023

Have you ever had your house professionally cleaned before? If you haven't you should totally try it.

As a busy mom of three little ones it's hard to get everything done, and done right. To me my time is more well spent with my babies than deep cleaning my house for an entire day, only to turn around and have it messed up.

I've found that as soon as I finish cleaning one room and head to the next, the kids are in the newly cleaned room messing it all up again. When I get my house professionally cleaned, I'm able to come into my house with the entire place cleaned and organized. Even if it only lasts twenty minutes, before the kids start playing and messing things up, it feels so good to see it that way every once in a while.

Growing up I only knew one family who would have someone come clean their house. It was never an option for us since my family didn't have much money when I was younger. Even as an adult it never crossed my mind until a friend of ours started a cleaning business, and I was very pregnant with one of my babies and my husband mentioned I should have her come help me. At first I thought, "well, I can clean the house." Even though I was keeping a tidy house, cooking, tending to the babies, and vomitiing all day long, I still thought I could do it all and be fine. I could have done it all, and I usually did. But when I finally let my pride go, and unclenched my tight fisted hand, I finally asked her to come help me with my house.

It was even better than I imagined it would be. The whole house just smelled fresh and clean, all at the same time! This hadn't happened since before kids. It was wonderful to come home to a clean house and only have to worry about playing with the kids and enjoying them.

For some having someone come clean your house may not be an option because it can be spendy. Typically I'm the cheap one between my husband and I, so it's usually me that has to reason with paying someone to deep clean my house. However, we have been using a budgeting app for a few years now, and it has really helped me to be okay with when money is spent and on what.

Some months I will budget in a cleaning for my house, and others not. Only because we have certain financial goals we're trying to reach. But when I put it in the budget for the month, then I don't feel guilty, because I know I allocated that money for it.

For moms I recommend having a professional come in every once in a while to help out with the house. It can give us more time to enjoy out babies, while getting some help with the house. For me it's such a wonderful and helpful thing, and I'm grateful for it.

Take a look at some picture of my house after it was cleaned professionally.

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Jul 28, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautiful children and beautiful house. Am a senior citizen and need my house to be professionally cleaned. Who do I contact?

Kylee Melo
Nov 09, 2023
Replying to

Thank you! What area do you live in? If you're in the Sacramento area I can give you the lady who cleans my house.

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